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These pieces have been composed for various forms of media. 

Film Music Demo Reel
Demo music cues for various film genres set to picture.
Music Demo Reel
Demo music cues for various genres. Music Only.
Screen Composer Academy 2021 Cue
For cue with movie scene, please contact.
"Alien 3" Main Titles and 
Candles in the Wind Re-Score 

Composed in December, 2020

Re-scores of four scenes from Ang Lee's film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

Emotional Scene

Love Scene

"Poulette's Chair" Re-Score
Composed in February, 2021

Fight Scene

Death Scene

Film by Luke Broyles, Composed and recorded in Fall 2017

"Emma Vosicky"
 Composed and recorded in Spring 2021 for a film made in collaboration with Christine Grost.

Music for Concert



These pieces are written for performance in concert in various settings; acoustic, hybrid, and electronic.

"Faithful Forest"
Composed and recorded in Spring 2022

"When We Do Nothing"
Made in Logic Pro X using Alchemy's Spectral Analysis

Composed and recorded in Summer 2017
"Sometimes You Go Nowhere"
Composed and recorded in Spring 2022
Originally written for a ballet in Fall 2019
For woodwinds and narrator
Composed and performed in Spring 2018
Hybrid Music


These pieces are written for a variety of purposes, but contain hybrid elements. "Everywhere and Nowhere" is a hybrid art song. "Meet Me at the Edge" is an electronic dance tune. "The Great End" and "Summer" are orchestral pieces that were made with non-acoustic instruments. 

Sound Design


This is my sound design portfolio reel.

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