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These pieces have been composed for various forms of media.  "In the End" and "Tides of the Heart" are demos of themes for a game.

Screen Composer Academy 2021 Cue
For cue with movie scene, please contact.
"Alien 3" Main Titles and 
Candles in the Wind Re-Score 

Composed in December, 2020

Re-scores of four scenes from Ang Lee's film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

Emotional Scene

Love Scene

"Poulette's Chair" Re-Score
Composed in February, 2021

Fight Scene

Death Scene

Film by Luke Broyles, Composed and recorded in Fall 2017

"Emma Vosicky"
 Composed and recorded in Spring 2021 for a film made in collaboration with Christine Grost.

Music for Concert



These pieces are written for performance in concert in various settings; acoustic, hybrid, and electronic.

"Faithful Forest"
Composed and recorded in Spring 2022

"When We Do Nothing"
Made in Logic Pro X using Alchemy's Spectral Analysis

Composed and recorded in Summer 2017
"Sometimes You Go Nowhere"
Composed and recorded in Spring 2022
Originally written for a ballet in Fall 2019
For woodwinds and narrator
Composed and performed in Spring 2018
Hybrid Music


These pieces are written for a variety of purposes, but contain hybrid elements. "Everywhere and Nowhere" is a hybrid art song. "Meet Me at the Edge" is an electronic dance tune. "The Great End" and "Summer" are orchestral pieces that were made with non-acoustic instruments. 

Sound Design


This is my sound design portfolio reel.

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