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Kristofer Twadell

Winston Salem and Chicago-based composer Kristofer Twadell is an adventurous spirit who is always looking for ways to tell stories through music. Kristofer scores films as well as composes concert music for a variety of different ensembles, both in traditional and hybrid genres. His music is emotionally driven and is often inspired by nature and literature. He has had pieces premiered by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and the Greek Chamber Music Project. His credits include "The Red Canary" and "Nirvana," produced by UNCSA, as well as "Journeys to Suburbia," a collaboration between UNCSA and IFS. 


 Kristofer is also a producer and recording engineer with a focus on orchestral instruments and voice. He engineered a session with a Yamaha Disklavier for Lennie Moore's album "Mentors." He has produced and engineered numerous departmental and personal recording sessions during his undergrad, including ones in collaboration with Sony Playstation. He worked as a Sound and Video engineer at St. Mary's Lutheran Church Kenosha and has a BM in Technology and Applied Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and is also an alumni of Interlochen Arts Academy. He currently studies Film Music Composition at UNC School of the Arts.

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